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Technical / Re: c10 breather pipe
« Last post by lol300 on Today at 08:52:47 PM »
Thanks guys really helpfull
all comments & advice  really appriciated & taken on board as i know you all have more experience than me in these bikes but i am slowly getting to grips with it all & should have a good knowledge when its all finished , i have just finished the gearbox refurb now (see pics) vapour blasted & outer case polished with new oil seal / bearing / ratchet gear / springs & gaskets etc (hopefully all put back together correctly) so my next job is collecting the frame / cycle parts from the paint shop ready for assembly (bound to have some things missing) will post as it progresses
regards laurie

Technical / Re: Tire hand pump
« Last post by bangers-c10 on Today at 01:42:30 PM »
Technical / Re: Tire hand pump
« Last post by Pat on Today at 01:28:54 PM »
1940 frame but pump on the right side. All the bits are right so probably the orig Civilian tank.
Thanks Ray I’ll check output from Reg/Rec and AC from alternator, thanks for the advice JBF
The DC output from the rectifier doesn't normally go directly to the battery, JBF, but, as I tried to explain in simple language, it first goes to the switches to feed (via what seems to be your black and purple wires) what is needed to power everything whilst it's running. The excess DC power then travels back to charge the battery.

This same wire can then supply the switches when there's insufficient coming into the system from the rectifier.

Technical / Re: Tire hand pump
« Last post by bangers-c10 on Today at 11:02:45 AM »
yes mine has pump on right and fuel tap on left Ron,
cool photo Thomas, nice tank.
ok thanks Ray, yeah i was wondering about that,

gearbox--sounds clutch related
It's a 2 wire alternator. So both green/yellows from alternator to 2 greens on the reg/rec. The black wire on reg/rec then connects to the purple wire to number 13 in the switch panel (there is of course a red earth on the Reg/rec). There is no direct connection between the reg/rec and battery. Is this effected by going through number 13 in the switch panel? Of course I may have a short or bad connection somewhere, but on a YouTube video on the subject there was a direct connection between reg/rec and battery. I can test alternator output while bike is running and look for shorts and bad connections but is my charging system wired correctly? JBF
Technical / Re: Tire hand pump
« Last post by timsdad on Today at 07:30:19 AM »
Not enough information, Steve, - does it grind when trying to go in? If so, then it's probably that the clutch plates need balancing so they spin true. Or maybe there's insufficient lift on the pressure plate - too much slack in the cable and linkage.

These three-speed gearboxes don't have much adjustment so everything has to be set up just right to make good use of the little bit of leeway that there is.

Technical / Re: Tire hand pump
« Last post by timsdad on Today at 07:24:11 AM »
It's because those pictures are just pre-production drawings for the sales literature, bangers, and not photographs of actual bikes.

Technical / Re: Tire hand pump
« Last post by stev60 on Today at 07:23:01 AM »
My 49 has the pump  lugs , even had the pump Baileys super pump made in England not sure if that was the original BSA pump.
A  gearbox question, restored c10 is running like a clock but cannot select gears, when running, they seem to select through ok when motor isnt running, im sure it isnt the clutch, 3 speed box and im sure the selector spring is set up right, with pin on the outside cover, marks line on the quadrant, ..............
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