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Author Topic: Footrest rod distance tube  (Read 846 times)

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Footrest rod distance tube
« on: November 29, 2008, 11:53:08 AM »
can you give me the dimensions of :
29-7545 Footrest rod distance tube
      29-7531 Footrest rod distance tube
      29-7532 Footrest rod distance tube
so I can make them by myself.
thank you,

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From: norm-c12 Sent: 10/10/2007 10:39
Is yours a c12?  I have a c12 in bits now and have measured 29-7532 as 22mm long,  29-7531 as 42mm long and 29-7545 as 39mm.
My bike also has 29-7504 between the engine plates and 29-7530 on the right hand side of the footrest rod which you have not asked for.
On looking at Plate 9 in my parts book I seem to be missing 66-4903 chaincase distance piece which goes over 29-7531 but this should not affect the length.
Ask for any more details if the above is not clear.

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From: SurfKix Sent: 10/10/2007 19:59
Thank you Norm, it's very clear.
I seem to be missing part 29-7545 and 29-7504.
Can you also give me the dimensions of these parts?
Part 29-7532 (n° 86 plate 9) should it be on the inside of the outside of the primary chaincase?
Thank you.

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From: norm-c12 Sent: 13/10/2007 13:26
29-7504 which goes between the engine plates is 50mm. long
It looks like your plate 9 is different to mine!!  part 29-7545 in my book goes between the engine plate and the back of the back chaincase half  but is labelled as piece 77.
29-7532 goes outside the front half of the chaincase immediately behind the footrest (in my book piece 83)
Piece no. 86 my book is a spring washer.
Shall we swop scans of our plate  9's??

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From: sergentwoodie1 Sent: 13/10/2007 14:56
According to my 5/- 1954/57 BSA Spares for C10L to C12 book plate 9 parts are as Norm says. Sorry butting in the only scans I get are paid for by the NHS . I'll get my coat.

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From: SurfKix Sent: 14/10/2007 18:46
Hi Norm,
Correct, I mean partn° 83 or 29-7532.