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Bad wheel experience
« on: November 29, 2008, 01:11:43 PM »
I have finally got my C12 wheels back from Wylde's in Leeds, and it was a very long and mixed experience. Very polite and friendly, pick up and delivery service, reasonable price.....all seemed fine. They requested wheels be sent with bearings in, but no spindles or sprocket. Two weeks pass, I then find out they have no rims in stock. Another six days and I recieve..... only problem is they are both more out of true than the old ones! and at MOT failure level (over 2.5mm). I complain, they are apologetic and get them picked up for correction and request that I send with spindles fitted this time. I recieved them four days later, BUT minus the front spindle!.....I ring up and complain, to be told politely they definately packed it in box, in seperate jiffy bag...they hadn't, and found an hour later. To their credit they did courier it down within 24 hrs. After all this, I wouldn't class the wheels as perfect, as they still run  up to 1.75mm out of true, within MOT limits, but not very impressive. They LOOK good, but that is not really the point, is it? Has anybody else had good, bad, or ugly experience with this company? As I say, they were very friendly and polite, but what I really wanted was two good wheels. There it is, I have had my grumpy old man rant, and feel better now.
Grumpy Graham

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From: sergentwoodie1 Sent: 10/10/2007 23:14
No I haven't used this company. We have locally a fine old Scots Gentleman  (Jock) there's a thing, used to be a fitter at Comerfords Thames Ditton. Charged £80 per wheel Chrome rims Stainless spokes. They are so well balanced when I put my bike on the centre stand I wonder when the front wheel will stop spinning.

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From: BSAC12ver Sent: 11/10/2007 13:23
Hi Graham
My wheels were done by Hagon 17 years ago, he did not need the bearings or spindles, I have italian rims, hearing of your experience I thought I would spin my wheels to see any run out, they appear to be quite true?
In fact I see know reason why you have run out that is detectable by eye after they have just been built?
Is run out normal to a certain extent ? and what was the reason given by your wheel builder?
Glad you are C riding soon!

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From: camman3 Sent: 11/10/2007 20:33
Hi Richard/Wooodie,
Well I am £350 lighter and nearly there!. Front wheel is good, so good I have attached picture, also couldn't resist a little un MOT'd run round back lane......so good to be able to ride again. I was dreading to see what the front wheel was going to be like, that is, when I got the spindle back.
However, I am still not happy with rear wheel, but am not sending back again, as I fear I will never see it again!. I am going to find someone local who can tweak it on the bike. It did true up a little more when inflated tyre was fitted?
There excuses ranged from, spokes setting into new paint (they painted the hubs), bearings not fully set, (you'd think they would check), to hubs out of true!!??
Anyway they look good and if I can get the rear within 1mm, I will be only to happy to and make them dirty in our glorious winter. Got the day off tommorow, so will try for MOT, so I can go legal. Good news, no wet sump, despite eight week lay up, and started first kick as ever, so I love her again.
How did your Mosel run go Woodie?
And how is your submarine hybrid going Richard?

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From: BSAC12ver Sent: 12/10/2007 10:48
Hi Graham
Good luck with the MOT today!
I was at Brit bits the other Saturday, went down on the C12 with the Bantam matey who you met at Popham, we had a good ride through the New Forest and a cup of tea at Barton on sea in that old 50's cafe, looked over at the isle of Wight but decided it might be a bit deep for the ole girl! ha ha!

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From: sergentwoodie1 Sent: 12/10/2007 11:09
Hi Graham Luxembourg & Mosel trip starts Sunday 21st October. Been having a rethink since the sudden death of my mate. I thought that over 3 score years & ten rider plus a 50 year old bike on a 300 mile journey on strange roads on the wrong side of the road, was pushing it a bit far.Rang the Norfolk line bookings they were really understanding. So I am taking the easy way out. I have booked my restored 37 year old Morris Minor Mail Van towing Schhhhhhhhhh my GPO Bantam B175, also 36 years old. Reason she is lighter on the trailer. I am staying at Vianden in Luxembourg  no camping past that 5 star hotel. Thanks for asking Woodie

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From: camman3 Sent: 12/10/2007 13:10
Richard, I only live a mile or so from BritBits, you should have called in and helped me drink second fridgefull of beer in workshop. In fact I am taking the bike to Powersport, next door to BritBits for MOT at 3pm today......if it fails I am going to stick my head in that same fridge, but all should be ok!!
Woodie you are probably right about 300 mile run, I have just had a bumpy test ride round the Forest, and boy does my butt hurt.
Take care

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From: BSAC12ver Sent: 12/10/2007 14:11
Hi Graham
did not realize you lived that close to Brit Bits! would most certainly had popped in to you had we known it was on the doorstep!
We wait with baited breath for the verdict at 3 o clock!
Woodies Bantam looks a cracker! only concern is will he get through the Post Office picket lines! (have a great trip Woodie!)
My cure for the BSA butt bumping was to fit that A10 saddle and those 2 more up to date rear shockers, it gives me a 35 mile range non stop for a woodbine and a recover butt break!



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From: camman3 Sent: 12/10/2007 16:49
Yep, she passed!!!!!!!!, but only just on the back wheel. I wished I had taken Pete's advice and gone to the guy in Salisbury, only didn't because I was in a hurry and they offered collection and delivery service at Wyldes....you live and learn!
Question,.... the MOT tester said the forks were still soft and advised I put more oil in them. As you know they have been fitted with new bushes and seals, and according to my manual they should have 1/4 pint in each leg, which they have, do you or anybody else find they need more?
We had lunch at the Crows Nest in Highcliffe today (about 3 miles from where you were), just perfect, dead calm and clear, could see the cars on IOW and Hengitsbury Head, AND I get my bike back....perfect day.
Go and bang the desk for my free tax disc now.

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From: BSAC12ver Sent: 12/10/2007 17:15
The front forks on the C12 are always a bit soft and I did venture to put a drop more "engine oil" in them but then it started to leak out of the cap nuts (when hitting a few big bumps)
I don't recommend sealing the cap caps and just put the right amount in and use engine oil only, mines been ok for 17 years on the road (except the odd "milky stuff that came out the legs when drained once!)
How on earth did i get that???
Have a good weekend, look out for ponies!!!!

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From: Marky Sent: 14/10/2007 20:54
Hi any chance of a contact number for Jock for my c11g/c12 rims.
Thankyou Regards Mark