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Speedo Identification
« on: November 29, 2008, 03:21:26 PM »
Well I've just had a second brief test run on my 1958 C12 and this time
 remembered to check out the Speedometer. It works, but I seem
to gone faster  and further than I thought. Probably me again, but I wonder
if it's the right Smiths Speedometer. The Number on the face is 5433/I/L.
Is this sufficient to reassure me?

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From: norm-c12 Sent: 26/09/2007 13:55
The number you have is not right although I do not know if it makes much difference.  The correct number for the 58 C12 speedo is definitely S433/1/L

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From: camman3 Sent: 26/09/2007 17:07
I have a 57 C12 and as norm-c12 says it is fitted with S 433/I/L speedo.
You sure you are not mis reading the number, I had to get magnififying glass on it!

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From: fredbare7 Sent: 31/10/2007 20:28
Thank You, You were right! It's S433/l/L, not 5433/l/L. I need new specs..
Good to know that it's the right speedo.