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C10L Bearings
« on: November 30, 2008, 11:01:34 AM »
From: RustyR6  (Original Message) Sent: 22/11/2007 17:37
I have a 54 BSA C10L and am having a guy do the motor up for me.
I want to do the big end - the crank pin and con rod are in pretty good nick - I understand that I can get just a set of 1/4" rollers 1 thou oversize.
Can anyone tell me if they know of a place where I can get such items and if there is a more accurate description of what I want (if I have to go away from bike shops that know what I need from the model number alone) ?
I am in Sydney Aust, but of course in these days of the WWW distance is not such a problem
Many thanks in advance
Robert Rust

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From: camman3 Sent: 22/11/2007 19:59
Hello Robert, You need fifteen 1/2 inch X 1/4 inch rollers, I suggest you go to Draganfly at http://www.draganfly.co.uk/shop/shop.html . The old part number was 29-778 but it re-directs to number S3-22, which seems to be incorrect as this is 1/4 X 1/4 roller!!, so probably better to enquire by email or phone, especially as you want oversize, to check for availabilty. Others may know for sure where to get them, but my guess is Draganfly will have, and postage will not be to much.

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From: sergentwoodie1 Sent: 22/11/2007 19:59
llo Rusty How are you? Unfortunatly no oversize roller bearing part number is listed for you bike. However Alpha Bearings UK did an exchange Con rod/ Crank pin for my C12 but that was 10 years ago. They are under new management this past 2 years and don't have the stock of older bearings they once had!
Details Alpha Bearings+44(0) 1384 255151
You could also try
Hope this helps many of our smaller bearing suppliers have gone to the wall. Woodie

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From: sergentwoodie1 Sent: 22/11/2007 20:05
Sorry I'm not good on the keyboard I think I may have put a commer instead of a stop. I don't know why my internet address has not come up in Glourious Technicolor like Grahams. Still you have a phone number I got onto my mate in Melbourne to seek a bearing supplier for you again it's not in Colour Sorry put it down to one finger operation.Woodie

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From: nek Sent: 22/11/2007 21:56
You cannot just stick in oversize rollers.
The big end will need to be ground out to suit, that is if the pin is not knackered.
easier to fit a new big end altogether, probably cheaper.

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From: C10Stiles Sent: 23/11/2007 07:32
It would be easier to get an exchange big end and conrod from Draganfly that is set up correctly, than try getting over size rollers fitted to a worn big end.

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From: shuswapkev Sent: 02/12/2007 10:36
could try harley davidson
the 36 thru 57 models used 1/4x1/4 loose rollers and were available in plus .0001 sizes to .001
might haveto make more tha a few calls to locate these rollers. 

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From: bsa_C11G Sent: 08/12/2007 09:24
Pop down to Redfern Motorcycles, now located in Woolengong.
He handles all of the old HD stuff & keeps oversized rollers.
I also think that they will refurbish your old bottom end.
His old man used to do them when he was in Redfern but I do not know if the machining was done inhouse or he sent it out.
Bike Beesa