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Wheel Building, - making the jig
« on: December 18, 2013, 08:54:22 AM »
The first thing to do, in this Black Art, is to take a picture of the scruffy old wheel so you'll have something to copy for the spoke patterns. I used to just do a drawing but digital cameras make things easy.

This is a wheel out of a little Italian bike that I'm playing with at the moment so it'll have to do for picture purposes!

You then lay the old wheel out on a piece of chip board about two feet square, drum side down if possible, and measure the rim off-set. A hole is also drilled in the centre of the board to locate the wheel spindle.

Find a piece of wood (I used 10 mm ply wood), the thickness of your off-set, cut it into four bits and screw it onto the chipboard to support the rim. Sometimes I need to pack these four pieces out to get exactly the right thickness.

Now screw four more scraps of wood onto the first four to locate the rim and hub snugly onto the chipboard. This is now a jig so the wheel can be removed, stripped out and the hub and rim located again onto the chipboard in the correct place.

Next step hopefully to follow!

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