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C12 Carb Problem
« on: November 29, 2008, 03:46:49 PM »
From: sergentwoodie1  (Original Message) Sent: 02/11/2007 10:24
Any other owner had this one? Went to Ardingly last Sunday terriable weather conditions Wind Rain & more Rain C12 ran beautifully of course it would it's a BSA C model.  No prizes but ODN & I are used to that judges don't recognise beauty when they see it, they forget that without C & D model bikes , there would have been no B or A models in the BSA range. Yesterday I at last got around to cleaning the poor old lady, gunge covered she was too. Before cleaning her she had started and ran as normal,after cleaning her I kicked her over to be met with a roar the slide had stuck in the carb , well & truely. I took the carb have freed the slide, Now why should this happen , overtightening  the holding nuts to cylinder can distort the body but I haven't touched them for well over a year . Any ideas please.
From: BSAC12ver Sent: 02/11/2007 12:33
Hello Woodie
Perhaps it was just a bit of grit that had washed in through the air intake and wedge'd the slide, if the bore looks ok and the slide is ok and it now works then you have done a good cleaning job and fixed it i reckon!
From: camman3 Sent: 02/11/2007 18:25
Probably a bit of plastic spoon you got with over that priced tea.
You shouldn't put your tea on engine to keep it warm.
As Richard says probably just a bit of grit, it used to happen to me all the time, in my scrambling days, i.e. when I had kness that worked properly.
I think you should have got a prize just for turning up in that weather.
From: PeteRudge1 Sent: 02/11/2007 19:05
A blonde's car came to a sudden halt one dark night. She couldn't get it  restarted so called the AA. Within minutes of arriving the AA man had her car running again. The blonde asked "What was the problem?" to which the AA man replied "Crap in the carburetter". The blonde looked puzzled and said "How often should I do that?"
From: Military-Ron Sent: 03/11/2007 23:17
Another thing people over look.especialy when it's been raining is, some of that blonde stuff geting in the cable.Ron
From: camman3 Sent: 04/11/2007 09:55
What I dont understand is, why did the blonde call an alcoholic to fix her car.
From: sergentwoodie1 Sent: 04/11/2007 15:30
When talking to Blondes in my day one behaved the perfect Gentleman discribing it as