Author Topic: C11/C12 250cc to 290cc CONVERSION  (Read 1296 times)

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C11/C12 250cc to 290cc CONVERSION
« on: March 08, 2013, 09:49:58 pm »
I have recently completed converting a C11G engine from 250 to 290 cc. Compression ratios available from 6.5 through to 8.0 -you choose the ratio, and you can also change the ratio in the future without further engineering.
The conversion can be carried out with normal 'shed' tools and requires no specialist engineering skills or knowledge.
There is a good performance gain, and the engine feels considerably more willing, with good torque. There are no outward signs of the conversion.
I have produced a step-by-step build manual, data sheets and photographs, which will be available only to full members of this Forum - it will not be posted on this, or any other site -and is for your personal use only. If you are interested in converting your engine (or just interested), please Message me with your email address and give me a week. The manual is Microsoft Word.
Please avoid asking initial questions about the conversion until you've received the manual, as it probably answers them!
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