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New ends for your loom
« on: December 07, 2011, 09:10:33 pm »
Wiring looms on old bikes are inevitably pretty ratty as the connectors are exposed to the weather, heat, oil and worst of all, the attention of the owner. Throw away the ScotchLocks and sticky tape!
If you've got the loom off the bike you can renew all of the bullets and connectors for under a tenner, clean up and wrap the loom with a fresh layer of self-amalgamating tape (not insulating tape, it falls off) and finish off the ends with some modern shrink wrap for another fiver. Cut off all of the old bullets & prepare the wire ends (see posting).
To sort the ends take an old sleeve and cut the insulation off and push the sleeve onto a pointed 4" nail clamped in the vice. This holds the new bullet firmly, with the point of the nail in the small hole in the bullet, whilst you tin the bullet & solder the wire into place. If you have wires that are short or wrong colour it is now so easy to buy just about every colour combination in short lengths on ebay, splice a new piece in & sleeve the joint with heat shrink tubing, again available in packs on ebay. Splice in some extra earths from the frame to headlight/tail light to avoid lighting problems. Spread the job over a day to do the whole loom and associated wiring properly, and you'll be delighted with the result and the reliability it will give you.
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