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Simple Carb Sludge Trap
« on: July 20, 2011, 04:07:11 am »
Use an over-length piece of fuel pipe from the tap to the carb connector, and arrange it so that it goes down to below the level of the carb, and then loops up to the connector (very easy on an Amal Monobloc, with the connector on top of the float chamber).

If you use the old-fashioned clear piping, you can see when bits of rust and other crud starts accumulating in the bottom loop of the pipe. To clear it, turn off the petrol, undo the banjo connector on the carb, pull off the pipe and point the end of the pipe down downwards, and the petrol left in the pipe will flush the sludge out. You will probably be surprised by how effective this is - I was!

(you may even be horrified at how much crud is coming out of your tank, too!)