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Valve spring compressor
« on: March 29, 2012, 08:40:06 pm »
I have a selection of different valve spring removers and none are suited to deep seated valves. So when carrying out a bike de-coke, a bodge was called for, one which could also be used if you don't have a spring remover, but do have a G-cramp. Search through your old sockets - I used a 7/8th AF - the lead edge needs to be squared off and you then cut out 2 sections. If you have trouble starting the hacksaw cut use a file to cut through the outer hardened crust, the socket being relatively soft inside. The bottom cuts just need to be started and you can then tap the tab inwards and it will shear easily. Use the modified socket as a spacer onto the spring retainer, the gap allowing access to the collets - a magnet on a stick is mighty useful to get them out, and a dollop of sticky grease to get them back. If you use a G cramp, lubricate the thread well first, as the Acme thread is a bit coarse for the job. If when you first tighten the clamp it seems stuck, tap the valve end of the clamp with a mallet to free off the valve spring retainer.
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