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1938 C10
« on: November 24, 2008, 04:15:22 pm »
Hi all,

I'm rebuilding a 1938 BSA C10 and as you all no doubt know the parts or even getting information is a nightmare. Its as if the C10 didn't exist until the 1940's. My biggest problem in the inner and outer chain case doesn't look like its the correct one. Does any one have a good picture of what the 38 chaincase looked like and maybe even a spare one.
cheers dave

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From: PeteRudge1 Sent: 28/02/2006 18:44
Welcome Dave, I can see the problem you have with the primary case. I've tried to find a picture of one for you, but all pictures I have are of the timing side. Frank66 has a '39 C10, maybe he can throw some light on the subject. Over to you Frank66 ?

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From: frank66 Sent: 28/02/2006 19:15
Hi Dave. I know your problem Have you access to old M/C mags. "The Classic Motor Cycle " of Dec/Jan 1983  Volume 2 no.4 has an article and pictures that may help. " I had one like that" it is called. The pictures do not scan very well, but will try. Or I could photo copy and send them by post. Will keep looking for you. cheers John K.

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From: frank66 Sent: 28/02/2006 19:45
Been thinking. contact Roger Briggs. in Ottawa he may be able to help.
 Google search Roger Briggs Technical Papers.  e-mail
I got 5 pages of useful information from him. (Copies from old Mags.)
best of luck. John K.

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From: davetheballoonman Sent: 02/03/2006 00:20
Thanks Frank,

Any pics would be great, don't worry about the quality for now, all is good.
I had a thought while sat on the loo tonight reading a bike mag. The chain
case doesn't seem to be wide enough to fit on the front so maybe the thing
to do is bolt it on at the frame then cut it just in front of the peg, then
bolt it on to the engine case and then insert and weld a strip to make the
case about the inch bigger than it needs to be.

Hope this sounds like it may work but just got in from the pub watching the
England game. ill mail you a pic tomorrow night so you can see my problem.



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From: 26dlx Sent: 09/05/2006 07:02
Hi, I have a 1940 C10 and will be able to supply some photo's as soon as I get myself a digital camera. I have just looked up the part no's and then looked in my copy of the 1948 Master Priced List. The inner case 29-8052 and the outer case  29-8054  ( and also the rear chain guard 29-8304 ) were last used in production in 1940. Obviously the post war cases varied in some way.  I hope this information is of some interest and I shall endeavour to do something about the photographs soon.