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A.S.V's again
« on: December 05, 2008, 06:03:26 pm »
From: sergentwoodie1  (Original Message) Sent: 26/06/2008 18:49
As we are a really friendly site I really do think the owners who have fitted these valves should name the manufacturer. So the rest of the panal can Google info see what they are about. I for one promise Scouts Honour not to say anything derogatary. On another point on the Funeral run today an old oppo of mine turned up on his C11 his Amal 375 Carb is shot, Surrey Cycles have advised him to fit a Concentric what does the team think please.

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From: fredbare7 Sent: 26/06/2008 20:07
Woodie, Do you mean 'shot' or is it another typing error. If not ,surely
 all bits can be got from somewhere. It's a simple instrument to work on!
I got my ASV from Bri-tie Motorcycles, but haven't had the courage to fit it yet.
I've posted a Rudge 250 experience on 'Own Up' for Pete.  Jim.

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From: camman3 Sent: 26/06/2008 21:38
Mine came from Bsa-Unlimited, link to it on ebay above, from which there is a link to their shop.
I am by no means recommending you all fit one, but mine has been fitted since a week before the Spring run and is doing exactly what it should.
BUT bear in mind I have the new all steel pump fitted and not original Mazak type, which may produce better suction? In fact if I take plug out, I can produce oil returning to tank just by kicking motor over, no trouble.
But the best bit is I get no wet sumping, even after a week or more standing.
On average I am doing a 60-65 mile run each weekend and it is good not to have to get down on your kness before you set off!
Jim, playing with fire, not a good idea, I had a similar experience trying to start a stubborn oil burner once, ended up looking like a Panda with the soot blow back.

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From: camman3 Sent: 26/06/2008 21:44
Sorry, Bri-tie, BSA-unlimited, same thing!

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From: sergentwoodie1 Sent: 26/06/2008 23:10
Thank you gentlemen for your replies. Just commenting on above comment re C12 gearbox I have never come across a smoother one far better than A10 or Bantam. First time engagement of first, The only criticism I have is ratios especially between second & third, Woodie

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From: c11keith Sent: 27/06/2008 21:42
Woodie, Get him to fit a 274 it might work better,not from Surrey Cycles, but from Hitchcock,s Motor Cycles 01564 783192 Keith.