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« on: November 26, 2008, 05:40:12 pm »
Can any one tell me more detail, about anti sumping value ,
Can it be fix on, C11g bikes, I really cannot understand, what it is used for,or does it help oil pump or to clear the remaining oil, in the crankcase,without having heavy smoke when I fiurst start in the morning.For your acknowledgment, I have to fix shut off valve at my flow cyclinder oil pipe due to prevent heavy smoke appears when I start first time early in the morning.Can any body tell me how to solve this problem, is this the cause of my oil pump which is not working properly? or may be the spring bearing ball inside crankcase not functioning well. Final conclusion can this sumping value help me to solve this problem if, I fix the sumping value.thanks to all guys members regards wros4

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From: C10_11_12 Sent: 14/12/2006 09:25
Anti wet sumping valve fits on the feed oil line. It prevents oil to drain from the tank to the bottom of the crankcase. It's a ball seated by a spring. When the engine runs the suction of the pump allows the ball to give passage to the oil.
General causes of wet sumping are a worn oil pump (too much gap between the gears) or a badly seated oil valve (weak spring or rusted ball, or any "mud" carried by the oil).
Another cause may be the use of multigrade oil : on these the viscosity "when cold" is the same that "hot". With monograde the oil is less fluid when cold, so will more hardly pass through a weak oil valve.
Before fitting an antisumping valve, check the one fitted by BSA, change the spring, clean or change the ball, seat it on the case by a blow with a rod..

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From: 46bsac10 Sent: 24/12/2006 16:00

draganfly (an invaluable source) gives a short explanation in TB#16 (copied below). significant info on "wet sumping" can be found @ (search on "wetsump").

Technical Bulletin number 16 - WET SUMPING and OIL PUMPS
When the oil in the oil tank drains into the sump and fills the crankcase it will cause the machine to smoke a lot and to pump oil out of the breathers until it is pumped back to the oil tank, this is known as wet sumping. All gear type oil pumps will do this to a greater or lesser extent, even when new. Wet sumping is not normally a problem if the bike is used at least once a week but can be a nuisance if the bike is not used for long periods. There are several remedies; use or at least run the bike more often; fit a one way valve (available from Bri-Tie or ABT engineering); fit a tap in the supply line (it is recommended that the tap is connected to a micro switch in the ignition or kill switch circuit or a label on the speedo saying OIL); drain the oil in the sump before use.

If the wet sumping is severe, the oil pump may be worn and a reconditioned pump may well provide the cure or at least a significant improvement. The original zinc die cast bodies are replaced by CNC machined steel versions and on the B/C/M pumps the end plates are replaced as well; the Huntmaster/A10 type is refaced in addition to the new body.