Author Topic: Bantams and C10/C11/C12  (Read 922 times)

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Bantams and C10/C11/C12
« on: November 24, 2008, 04:02:22 pm »
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From: Slickowner  (Original Message) Sent: 04/05/2006 13:59
I was curious if the C10/C11/C12 had the same frame and wheels as the Bantam but just had a larger engine?

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From: wilkybob Sent: 04/05/2006 19:36
Very few parts from a bantam fit a c10 etc. If you look at a bantam the engine is cradled in the frame, where the others have the engine bolted in a gap in the frame thus becoming part of the frame.
Little things that look the same example D shaped speedometer on the C10 and bantams have different speeds calibrated on them.
So in short the answer is no, but some bits will fit.

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From: thomasjasper Sent: 06/05/2006 17:00
Bantam D3 Major was a pretty similar frame to the C12 with the same toolbox and a few other bits and pieces. The Major (the swinging arm model) had a fairly short-lived production life. Otherwise Bantams are quite different, Joe M.