Author Topic: BSA C11 1953 ohv plunger  (Read 1781 times)

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BSA C11 1953 ohv plunger
« on: November 26, 2008, 05:30:47 pm »
Need a little help with a bike i am looking at purchasing
Its a 1953 C11 OHV plunger
Just want to know if its original
engine is BC11(overhead valve 250)
frame BC10S(sounds like a C10 plunger frame)
Has speedo in the tank,is this correct??? zero to 80 MPH
3 speed gearbox
Badges seam odd on tank
Red round BSA emblem with stripes that go back and mount under the rubbers....
off something else??should that not be like the C10 tank badges
Has a side stand mounted on the left side off the bottom frame to the plunger
also with the C11 OHV,do you need to do the modification to get oil to the overhead rockers,consists of oil line to tappet cover and piping into the pivot,is it a factory kit or just a modify yourself job,is it really necessary
any comments would be appreciated

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From: C10Stiles Sent: 25/11/2006 19:28
I have a 1953 C10 and 53  C11,
The engine should be a BC11 for the year 1953
All the 1953 model frames would start with BC10S even if it is a C11, if it has BC10s 4xxxx then it would be a 4 speed frame.
The speedo should be on the top of the yokes
the tank badges are of pressed steel and go behind the knee pads, they shoud have a BSA  badge cliped in at the front.
Don't know about the side stand as both mine do not have this, but i believe it was an option.
I have done the rocker oil feed on conversion on my C11 as i do a lot of short journeys, you can get the bits from Gaggs and Draganfly quite easy.
Have a look at my pictures in the members bikes, the C11 is all original.