Author Topic: C10 rear wheel speedo drive ratio  (Read 900 times)

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C10 rear wheel speedo drive ratio
« on: November 26, 2008, 06:06:08 pm »
I have a BSA C10, 1948, 250 ridgid frame and am chasing a rear wheel drive for the speedo.What ratio should i be looking for on the part and the part number
Ratio is the main thing i am after
This part pushes onto the rear wheel and the speedo cable bolts to it

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From: kiwibiker12 Sent: 21/11/2006 09:37
Hello there, my c10 a 1950 ridgid SV and has a speedo drive of 2:1.
hope that helps. Please keep a look out for a speedo for me. Thanks

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From: davidknightizme Sent: 17/01/2007 13:18
my airel colt has a drive of 2:1 hope this helps 

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From: C10_11_12 Sent: 25/01/2007 08:22
Part number for rear wheel speedo drive is : 29-5738.
This is a BSA reference. I don't know teh Smiths' part number for it.
If I remember well, this part is the same as for some M20s (WD?).