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C11G tyres
« on: November 26, 2008, 06:00:46 pm »
Hi everybody,
Just a poll to see what size tyres others have fitted to their BSA C11 and C11G...
I have a 1954 C11G, and the specs list 3.00x19 as the factory tyre size. This is not availalbe from any repro guys i have seen, and the closest i can find is 3.25x19 on the front, and 3.50x19 rear. Does this sound OK?
What do you have fitted?????????

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From: slaapstad Sent: 14/01/2007 13:18
Never had a problem buying 3.00 x 19 tyres. I have them fitted on my C11. I actually need 3 x 20 tyres and rims for the '46 C11. Try and find these - and when you do please ensure that byou're sitting down before you're told the cost!

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From: frank66 Sent: 14/01/2007 17:47
I use a 300 x 20 front tyre on my 51 C11. Have changed the rear to 325 x 19 (could not get a 20") I think a 350 x 19 would look over tyred. on a 250cc.

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From: Birchy Sent: 15/01/2007 09:07
i have a 1948 BSA C10 ridgid and a 1953 C11 plunger
both have 19 " tyres front and rear
i believe they are original,where does the 20" tyre come from
Both of these bikes are in Aust,

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From: C10_11_12 Sent: 15/01/2007 12:29
I think the Dunlop 3.25x19 K70 should be adequate for the C11G, front and rear. On Ebay UK they are now at £39.

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From: slaapstad Sent: 15/01/2007 17:22
The C10 and C10L from 1946 onwards was shod with 3.00 x 19 tyres. The C11 however from 1946 until 1951 was shod with 3.00 x 20 inch tyres.