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« on: October 27, 2020, 06:12:49 am »

Here are some details on my C12

I acquired the remains of the bike in Fiji in 2002. It now resides in Queensland Australia

The originals nail frame had sapped at least twice at the he steering head casting. Both the horizontal member and the downtube have had very poor sleeved weld repairs. If you ever travel on the roads of Fiji the damage would be of no surprise. I would consider it beyond repair. I keep it for decoration. The frame number is 6121****

I acquired a second hand member from Melbourne. Number 6121****which is now installed

The engine number is C11G 40173. I have had the crankcases weld repaired where they have been so pummelled by the rocky roads that they were fractured right through at the pump

Virtually every component has required repair or replacement

The front wheel was of Japanese origin with an unworkable and unworking front brake. I could not source a c12 brake but have fitted a very nice ROS brake from an early Honda

The fork staunchion were bent and rusted beyond repair. The legs were of unknown Japanese origins. All were discarded.

The top yoke had snapped at the pinch bolt. The steering stem was excessively worn at the upper headstock bearing. The bearings were shot. The upper yoke was weld repaired. The bottom yoke was replaced with a C10 item acquired from a remote area of Western Australia (I can’t imagine how it got there). From the same source I also gathered some rusty but not bent staunchions and lower legs. The staunchions have bee chromed and ground to size. Taper roller bearings were bought for the headstock but didn’t fit. I made up a jig and ground the ODs and IDs

The back wheel eventually revealed itself as a bantam item. I acquired a hub from Victoria and a brake backing plate from Sri Lanka. A sprocket had been welded to the brake which I managed to part

Pistons, valves and guides were worn out.  Replaced Now oversized .040”.

Fins broken on the head and barrel. New fins made and brazed in

The kickstarter stop had been hammered bent and worn oversized in the housing

Second hand clutch, alternator and primary case acquired from Melbourne

Toolbox acquired from Sri Lanka

Switch park from Brisbane

Brake pedal from Sri Lanka.

Chain guard from India

Exhaust from UK

All in all there must be parts from at least 6 bikes from Australia, Fiji, Sri Lanka, the UK plus the many parts I’ve made.

Some new parts I sourced from the UK were very shoddy indeed. The handle bars I bought were particularly pathetic

Well that’s my bike

All nuts bolts and washers have been replaced
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