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C12 gearbox covers
« on: November 24, 2008, 05:01:49 pm »
Ken walters,C12 marque consultant of the BSA Owners Club is able to supply covers in 20g. steel in flat form,you need to produce the 'bend' yourself. They come with two captive nuts where the securing bolts fasten them to the upper outer chaincase, and two PUNCHED holes for the outer securing bolt and low- tension lead to the points to pass through, (via a grommet). I bought one of these off Ken for my first C12 a few years ago and found that it fitted perfectly. You do of course require the distance nut, part no. 29-4477; not particularly difficult to make, I can provide details if requested. The covers are are unpainted. I made my own using Kens as a pattern for my present C12 project.Not particularly difficult but rather time consuming obtaining the steel, using tin-snips, smoothing- off, silver- soldering on the captive nuts etc, would have paid to have bought one really; it's just that I like to do these things myself.  This is NOT a part of the BSA Owners Club, it is a sort of private venture. They cost £20 to UK purchasers including postage. Kens wife is not a particularly well person and he would prefer not to be contacted by phone. If you need one and think they are good value then send Ken a cheque and your address. If you don't think they are good value then go ahead and make your own; not too difficult.
Kens address is  4, Moutpleasaant St; OSWALDTWISTLE, Lancs, BB5 3EN. (Oswaldtwiste is close to Accrington, the home of  Stanley)
Joe Midgley.

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