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C12 - primary chaincase
« on: November 26, 2008, 05:52:33 pm »
Normally there should be oil in the primary chaincase. But I am tired of all the oil leakes on the chaincase. So I have removed the oil and put a lot of grease on the chain.
If I put grease every 500km or 1000km on the chain there should be no problem... What do you think???
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From: mike Sent: 30/12/2006 03:39
The oil is used to lub and cool,don't know if grease will will do the same.

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From: PeteRudge1 Sent: 30/12/2006 09:24
I would say grease and clutches don't mix. I would be very surprised if you didn't end up with severe clutch slip. Oil can make its way into the chaincase from the engine, especially in bad cases of wet sumping, so you could end up in a mess. Best cure the leaking chaincase I think. Happy New Year to all members.

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From: C12Steve Sent: 31/12/2006 14:36
The previous owner ran my C12 with the chain cases empty and on a regular basis or before a longish run would lube the primary chain using a modern spray chain lube through the filler cap, he reported no problems. His reason for this was to reduce leaks, I guess with modern chain lubes the lubricant soaks right in to the links and rollers of the chain and the solvent evaporates and they stick better to the chain and dont fling off as oil would. However I have the primary cover off at present and am going to attemt to seal it up and try the original design of oil in the case. looking at the level plug in the case it would appear that the chain just dips into the oil as it rotates on the bottom of the clutch, the clutch has to be kept oil free as well so the chain lube may help this. Like I said I am going to try the design method first and see how it goes.   

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From: shuswapkev Sent: 31/12/2006 22:25
i think gease is pretty hopeless on a chain...wont get to the inside...easy enough to check...start with removeing the master link...any grease inside???  there are other options...the grease used in lawnmower and other cheesy gearboxes...melts at a very low temp...... chain generally break from the pins wearing thru in the link....lack of lube and too much heat...i have had friends with broken chains, they used spray type chain oil...but chains were dry inside (where they broke)...maybe a bit too  pedantic with washing?  maybe...pick up a roll of cork...squeeze of silicon...some hole punches...try ,n try again...  i finally have a dry (sort of) primary on my matchy... split a rad overflow hose and fitted that on 1 side...  no silicon... gone thru about 3 of the "proper" ones at $30.00 plus P&H...leaked like seives...not worried about the mess...just dont want the chain to break

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From: augogogo Sent: 31/12/2006 23:36
Hi all ,a bit more food for thought,what about the tooth belt option?quiet and lube free but also no problem if it gets a bit oily 

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From: mike Sent: 01/01/2007 14:02
The dosen't just lube it also cools,don't know if grease will do the same


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From: stuph Sent: 01/01/2007 14:56
I put two beads of sealant around the inside of the chaincase, one bead completely inside the screw holes & one bead completely outside the screw holes, & had no leaks.  Can't remember what it's called, but it's a black sealant that remains squashy but forms a sort of skin on it.
Stuph (actually stubla but unable to sign on as stubla, don't know why)

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From: Setsquared Sent: 01/01/2007 23:15
>Normally there should be oil in the primary chaincase
>What do you think???

Grease in the primary chaincase is just NOT how they were designed to work.
FWIW, I use Loctite 598 silicon gasket and ATF fluid in all my bikes
You may like to read this, a good description as how to correctly apply silicon gasket.



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From: brandyman4 Sent: 09/01/2007 21:49
     Your primary chain is designed to run in oil.Grease will not do the job properly.Even your older machines with exposed primary chains tended to use an oil drip system.If you use the wrong lubricants your machines will not last long.Best cure the leaks.Lets face it you wouldn,t put grease in your oil tank no matter how thin it was.