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Carburetor setting for C10
« on: November 26, 2008, 05:37:01 pm »
Hello everyone
Paul here in New Zealand, Can anyone help me with some technical
info about the carburetor for my C10 1950 SV. I have just finished a re-build. I have raised the compression ratio slightly to 6.5:1. its been bored out to 65.5mm !!!. I am having problem with achieving an idle. I know my points are set right, I am pretty sure I set the timing right. (1/32" BTDC the points start to open) Not sure if I can adjust the float? First time I started it with the air valve down but it was running very lean and got hot. Now even with the needle set to the lowest groove (richest) and with adjusting the air valve up and down it still runs too lean? Also Can anyone advise me of initial mixture setting I am assuming the idle mixture screw is richened by turning it in. Any help would be much appreciated, Paul

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From: C10_11_12 Sent: 11/12/2006 13:22
Your engine has now some 20cc extra capacity. What piston did you use for that? I need to rebore a C10, why not over boring.
 I think it deserves a bigger main jet (original is 90 for C10).
As the compression ratio is increased, I should try a bit more advance on ignition setting (it's very easy with a distributor).

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From: augogogo Sent: 12/12/2006 07:22
G'day fellow C10 pilots,I have just done some intrim hot up work on my C10, while the hot C11 is under way ,bored it  +40  ported to 1 1/16" biger inlet valve(from a BMW car) relieved the block around the valves and  fitting a New old stock alloy C10L head .Will let you all know how she goes when i get her on the road

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From: kiwibiker12 Sent: 13/12/2006 22:18
cheers for that.

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From: kiwibiker12 Sent: 13/12/2006 22:54
Greetings, Thanks for your reply on the message board.
What you said makes sense, thanks for that.
I was wondering if you knew something about
The Amal 274 series. I have tried to attached a photo
of the main body. I have discovered a hole on
the outside which is just above the big/bottom housing
thread. This hole is approx 1mm in diam. and leads into
the mixing chamber? My question is: Should this hole be there?
and is it part of the air bleed for the idle mixture?
I look forward to any answers. Cheers Paul NZ


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From: C10_11_12 Sent: 15/12/2006 14:01
The carb on my C10 has a 19.4mm bore and is marked 274K/3A. I don't see any hole on the body, other than the one for the setting screws.
I send you pictures.