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Center Stand
« on: November 24, 2008, 04:21:54 pm »
I have been reading the center stand messages with much interest as I have a 1956
C12 that was mostly dismantled about 35 years ago.  I have the center stand and
gearbox mounting plates.  I do not have the bushing or spacer tube.  I have a parts
book but it doesn't show any spacer tube.  I gather that the spacer tube fits inside
the bushing and thru the ends of the gearbox mounting plates and  thru the frame
lugs.    If this is correct, I like Pete would forget the spacer tube and install
a larger diameter bolt.  I don't believe Draganfly or Domiracer has the correct
bushing in stock so I probably will have one made at a local machine shop.
It will be a very large diameter bolt as the hole in my gearbox mounting plates
is about .610" diameter.  The holes in the frame lugs were a little smaller at
about .557".   I would have thought they would have been  closer to the same
diameter although the gearbox mounting plate holes may have been smaller
when the plates were new.    John S.   

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From: nick-bishop0 Sent: 10/05/2006 19:30
i think I'm going to end up drilling out the long spacer then either putting a large bolt in once i size the hole after butchery or i might make a new spacer.

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From: PeteRudge1 Sent: 10/05/2006 19:38
I think the bolt size will be 9/16". Let me know if you find a source. Or would a handy member with a lathe like to make a batch for our members?

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From: nick-bishop0 Sent: 11/05/2006 17:14
A 9/16" drill worked perfectly drilled from either end till the mounting plate the the middle just falls out now need to make a new center stand spacer but the old dummond round bed will soon whip one of those out of a bit of steel. Then as recommended I'll go for the larger bolt.

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From: thomasjasper Sent: 12/05/2006 18:05
I have 2 C12's and had a C11 for spares. In each case the mounting holes in the plates had become enlarged and out of round.They were also all worn a bit thin at the ends and all 6 had broken at some time as they had all been weld- repaired, Joe.