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leak in petrol tank
« on: November 25, 2008, 06:03:51 pm »
I have aleak in the petrol tank of my BSA C10 ,any ideas how to fix it,coming from the seam at the bottom near the seat
has any one done repairs that are sucessfull,its starting the blister the paint in this area

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From: PeteRudge1 Sent: 27/08/2006 09:28
Hi Birchy, Years ago I repaired a leak under my T100 tank with a 2 part resin called Plastic Padding. It worked for years, but only by leaving the rear bolt out to releive the stress. If your leak isn't in a stress point of your tank, it must be worth a try. Araldite might be as good, but I've not tried it for tank repairs.
The real answer is to have it welded, but that will knacker your paint.

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From: WODENTHEGOOD Sent: 03/09/2006 13:25
Has anyone had any experience of these tank sealants that you pour into the tank? They look expensive though.

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From: connie-man Sent: 12/11/2006 15:31
Hi there,i have used the tank sealant you talk of on a harley 25th aniversary sportster and found it to be well worth the cost it even secured the 2lb damper at the rear of the you say it is not cheap but if you want to keep your original paint it`s a lot less than a respray. you just have to mix the two parts together,pour it in the tank and swill it around till it sets ( about 10 mins ) but do remember to plug the fuel tap hole!! you can buy it online from i hope this is of some help.regards.alan.