Author Topic: Other Minor "Improvements" that I have carried out on my C12 etc etc.  (Read 367 times)

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Over many years of "Interfering" with C11G's and C12's there are four "improvements" that I would carry out regardless on a C12.
1) Check the condition of the rear engine/-gearbox plates were they are bolted together with the frame etc etc .
2) Fit a third set of Clutch Plates (There is plenty of room in the Clutch Basket for this to be done)
3) Fit a a modified Primary Chaincase.
So it resembles a later Panther M100/M120) which has a detachable "Clutch Dome" for easy access to the clutch plates.
4).Fit a suitably modified Ariel Colt head.
5).Fit a direct oil feeD to the piston via a borehole in the back of the barrel flange.
I have been doing such things as this since the 1970's and such mods seem to improve things!

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1, I agree with.
2, Are you talking about the composite clutch plates or original cork?
3, Do you have so much trouble with your OHV C12 clutch that you need to keep adjusting it? I have only had to adjust the spring tension on my C10 twice in the past 8 or so years.
5, Would it not be easier to change the oil more often than fit an oil feed to the barrel which would only squirt more oil on a small section of the piston?
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As for the access to the clutch no I have very little trouble. But if I do by having an easy deteachable clutch cover means that should you have any trouble then it is easy to sort out without disturbing the primary chaincase!

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I took a couple of MM off the head and put in a Tiger Cub piston in one of mine to increase compression. Can't honestly say it made a huge difference but I enjoyed the challenges of doing it.

I bought and was going to try the Colt head mod but the real problem is smaller valves and the expense incurred fitting larger valves.

Of course all of these things become a judgement of effort/expense put in against perceived improvement and some will argue the bike is perfectly good "as is" so should be left alone.

Some might reasonably argue, if you want more power or less oil leaks, buy a Honda. Personally I think they are missing the point though.

IMHO. It's your bike, do as you will.
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Can you not fit a grease nipple from a C12 into your new metal arm? ;)