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Petrol Tank Repairs
« on: November 24, 2008, 05:25:08 pm »
Before attempting any welding repairs on a tank you must prevent explosions even if the tank has not been used in years. There are several ways to do this but that is another topic. I was looking at the C12 tank and the question is if it can be repaired. I repaired a tank that came from the rubish tip and had been squashed by a car so this C12 tank would be a peice of cake in comparison.
I have a colt tank that is to be repared to a state where it can be chromed again. I would split the seems with an angle grinder and open it up that way, many hours panel beating and the weld the seems back up again. Not that easy but all can be done.

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From: nick-bishop0 Sent: 23/05/2006 19:47
how good a finish do you need to get the tank re chromed?
mine quite rusty

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From: TimOK_C12 Sent: 24/05/2006 14:44

Speaking of tanks, what did your C12 tank sell for on ebay..
What's a fair price for a chome tank? Painted style tank?

Thanks Tim OK 

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From: PeteRudge1 Sent: 24/05/2006 18:17
I got somewhere between £50-£60 for my tank on e-bay, but it did have badges, and was useable. Having tanks rechromed is very dodgy if not in the hands of a trusted plater..The best, but most expensive way, is to build up with copper plate until it can be polished back to the top surface of metal, leaving the pit holes filled with copper, then chroming. Unfortunately, most platers will just polish away the metal til it is smooth, leaving very little, if any, tank to chrome. In the case of a C12, I think I'd go for a good second hand tank, or paint the panels cream, like so many others do. Did any C12's leave the factory with cream tank sides?
If you can find a C12 tank with usable chrome, it must be worth £80. At least C12 tanks can't be passed off as £200 Gold Star tanks, like the C10 one I saw at a jumble recently. 

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From: coltrider4 Sent: 24/05/2006 20:14
The finish required for chroming has to be excellent in the areas that are not painted. Some platers can do a surface buildup using copper and nickel but this is very expensive. There are a lot of restorations with silver paint instead of chrome due to this.
I have seen a new spray chrome at the shows lately but this works out the same price as chrome and is not as tough but could work on painted tanks. I would beware of petrol spills though.

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From: thomasjasper Sent: 26/05/2006 18:39
'Motorcycling' road tests, undated copy of report, probably 1957; section headed'brief specification'........Finish; Deep maroon, chrome panels (extra) on petrol tank:..... so there you have it!, Joe.

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From: WODENTHEGOOD Sent: 21/06/2006 20:08
I asked "Polly" the BSAOC expert a similar question about C12 tanks with cream panels and received the following answer: "The cream panel version was available for one year because of a nickel shortage in the chroming system. The tanks wre originally chromed all over then painted. They all had full chrome panels, lined with gold, between paint and chrome"