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Title: TESTING A C11 Dynamo
Post by: AdminPete on November 26, 2008, 05:49:35 pm
I have the generator out of my C11,1953.Have checked the brushes,apear OK
i believe i can check this generator using a 6 volt battery,details are in the book,BSA singles restoration,which i dont have access to
Can anyone tell me what terminals  should the battery connect to to test it and what i should look for

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From: LEG748 Sent: 06/01/2007 20:46
Hello Birchy.

I have just cleaned and tested my generator on my C11 1946.
Best to remove from the bike, join both wire togeather and connect to the + and then earth the casing to -. If it is ok it should run like a motor. Some times the brushes can stick up, worth a check first.
Hope this is some help.

Cheers Leg748.

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From: BSA171 Sent: 08/01/2007 03:57
I have Roy Bacon's  BSA  Singles Restoration and I do not believe it tells the complete story on bench testing a generator.  I would tend to believe J.B. Nicholson's  Modern  Motorcycle Mechanics which states:  A motoring test is not a positive indication that generator will charge as generator may motor while there is an armature defect that will prevent a charge being  generated when it is being driven.  If  generator motors in its running direction, however, it is an indication that field connections are correct.  If field connections have been reversed, the generator will motor in the opposite direction to which it turns on the machine. (end of statement) 
John Sommers