Author Topic: BSA C11 OHV 1953 spark plug  (Read 1456 times)

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BSA C11 OHV 1953 spark plug
« on: November 26, 2008, 05:47:14 pm »
what type of spark plug should i use in a 1953 OHV C11 250 BSA
a collection of brands would help as some may not be available in Australia
dont know if the one i have at present is correct
details in the service sheets,list a number ,but no one can match it
the bike also has an AMAL carbie 626/R300,what jets ,float level and needle clip setting should i run

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From: bikelover Sent: 22/12/2006 00:10
Hi Birchy.
The little Rider's Instruction book I just got recommends the Champion L10S for the C12.  Probably no such plug now but hopefully the number will help you track the current equivalent down.  I'd be interested to hear what you find out.
Can't help on the carb questions.

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From: shuswapkev Sent: 25/12/2006 04:06
 if you want to play around with these old bits of rubbish... best to spend an hour working out the codes for spark plugs. there really is no "proper" plug... its now 60 years later...everthing is older and what meant what has now been translated into some asian language. just find the plug peoples book or web...the list of numbers and theit individual meaning is really very simple, thread size, length of thread, and a few depths of electrode... while doing your initial tuning...they arent going to last and unless you are very lucky, wont be right anyway with all the worn and mismatched parts, carby, comp levels, exhaust pipe, level of effiecency of your sparky, modern once you work out the codes, can buy the cheapest that will work...or..maybe the one that you wont have to wait for. plus...there will be one less mystery out there

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From: slaapstad Sent: 27/12/2006 09:16
Champion modern equivalent to theL10 S is the L82C. This has a 14mm thread diameter and a 1/2inch reach. NGK equivalent is the B7HS.

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From: C10Stiles Sent: 06/01/2007 09:49
Have been using the Champion L82C plug for a few years with no problems, and they ar easily available in the UK.