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C11G Rectifier
« on: November 26, 2008, 05:50:57 pm »
Can anyone give me some feedback on rectifiers for my 1954 C11G. There are cheap rectifiers on ebay for a few dollars, and then there are expensive solid state regulator/rectifiers (and Tympanium etc) but most of these are for 12v or to convert form 6v to 12v. I want to keep my bike as 6v. Can anyone tell me what is the best way to go, or if indeed they even make a dedicated 6v rectifier/regulator? or are these wasted on a 6v machine and the simple few dollar version work just as well?
Thanks for the input

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From: Setsquared Sent: 02/01/2007 23:20
I you wish to replace your rectifier with a modern one that looks like this
That’s fine its almost a straight swop
Very few reliable 6Volt regulators/rectifiers are made, but you can get one that was fitted to an early Indian made Royal Enfield
So you would need to convert your bike to 12Volt


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From: bsa_C11G Sent: 06/01/2007 02:12
Any modern full wave rectifier will work.
If you want a motorcycle specific one then go to a wreckers and get one off a Japaneese dirt bike.
A lot of them were 6V till quite reciently.
Hide it away where it is not obvious and wire it into the circuit.
Cut off the wires from the current rectifier under the seat, just past where they enter the loom, tape off the ends and rebind them back into the loom.
Then try not to have a guitly look on your face when you go riding after dark and no one will know your evil secret.

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From: mikexyz1 Sent: 07/01/2007 22:45
There seems to be some confusion here;
 a rectifier converts AC into DC,
 a regulator is used to clamp the voltage at a preset level (6 or 12 volts).
If your bike has a dynamo (Lucas E3) then you only need a regulator to control the voltage as it generates DC.
If your bike is fitted with an alternator, (C12 like mine) then you need a rectifier to convert it to DC followed by a different type of regulator to clamp the voltage.
Combined rectifier/regulators are available, you just need to buy the correct one.
Mike G.

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From: bsa_C11G Sent: 08/01/2007 13:23
It is a C11G.
They were only ever fitted with a Lucas RM13 alternator.
If he is lucky some one would have replaced it with an RM 15.
It should have that massive Selenium rectifier under the saddle which is very obvious which is why you hide the modern unit under the tank.
Bike Besa