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Torque settings
« on: November 24, 2008, 04:05:27 pm »
Original Message) Sent: 06/05/2006 13:25
Can anyone tell me where I might find the torque settings for the the engine and gear box bolts for a 1953 C11?

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From: thomasjasper Sent: 07/05/2006 22:30
I reckon you will be very lucky to find any official BSA  recommended figures. Bear in mind that your bolts may not be original fittings and could well be made of  inferior materials, or the threads could well be worn with constant slackening and tightening, or vibration over the past 53 years (fairly likely). In either case there is greater risk in stripping threads now  than there would have been when these things were new, even if you could find the figures. As someone who has stripped many a thread over the years, (but not for some time), my advice would be to use a shortish spanner rather than a long one, and keep going round doing them up a LITTLE at a time; sort of working on opposing sides of the item being tightened, Joe M.