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Wet Sump
« on: November 24, 2008, 01:16:21 pm »
From: stubla Sent: 21/03/2006 23:26

Mine wet sumps like the torrey canyon - when I fire it up if its been standing for a couple of weeks it fills the road with smoke ! 
I've removed the ball bearing & spring and given them a clean, as in the BSA owners guide, but to no avail. 
I read in one of the classic mags that if you parked it with the piston at tdc it prevented the oil draining out of the big end while the bike was standing, so I've been trying that with mixed, and unpredictable, results.
I was considering fitting a non-return valve to the pipe that goes to the oil tank - anyone else got this sorted ?

From: lcw92 Sent: 22/03/2006 09:24
I've fitted an anti sump valve on the supply line of my BSA 650 A10 Super Rocket and I swear by it. When I get my C12 going I will need to fit one on that by the sound of it. The only problem is that if I drain the oil I have to prime the oil pump. This means getting the oil circulating without the anti sump valve in circuit and then fitting the anti sump valve after. I always check to see that the oil is circulating when I start up.

From: C10Stiles Sent: 22/03/2006 12:24

If you clean the ball spring and the seat then place the ball in the hole using
a small drift tap the ball inward lightly it should make the seat a better fit
and stop the wet sumping, make sure the ball is not stuck, done both of mine
and they don't have a proble over the winter.



From: TimOK_C12 Sent: 29/03/2006 03:53

How do you remove the ball and spring? from where?
Is this at the engine base? If you remove the sump ? plateand get acess then ....If so that pipe needs to be reattached to it's upper section.

is this your situation?

Tim OK

From: stubla Sent: 29/03/2006 20:58
The spring and ball are located on the side, above the sump plate - I have just added a pic of a page from the owners' manual to my photo file (C12) which shows you where it is.
Hope it helps
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