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« on: November 24, 2008, 05:20:20 pm »
Hi. Does anyone know the purpose of the black and white wire which connects CB on the coil to terminal 15  of the lighting/ignition switch on my C12. I would have thought it only necessary to have a wire going to the points as cars of the period did. It presumably serves some purpose or BSA would not have fit it; would they?, thanks, Joe.

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From: C10_11_12 Sent: 18/06/2006 11:59
It is for the emergency start, when the battery is too low to start the engine. See "inside of PRS8" in "images" to follow the trail of electricity on the various positions of that switch.

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From: tsuretie Sent: 18/06/2006 12:44
Hi, does anyone could help me for a wiring diagram for a C11 46?
Also, I would appreciate you telling me how a Lucas PLC5 is put together. I have all the pieces but it took me nearly two days trying to put it again and again in working order. It looks very simple, there are not many ways to put it together, put every time i try, the finger is pointing at LUCAS instead at OFF LOW HIGH. It must be the other way round.  Thanks in advance!

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From: thomasjasper Sent: 18/06/2006 19:38
Thanks for that. I have rewired my bike and made up a harness as per the BSA diagram and did include this wire although it seemed superfluous, I now understand. Will look-up the image, Joe.