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Wiring C11 1951
« on: November 24, 2008, 10:42:00 am »

From: frank66  (Original Message) Sent: 22/02/2006 00:16

 What is  correct . Positive earth or Negative earth. BSA Service sheet 808 has negative earth. Sheet 808a positive earth. What difference will it make other than make the ammeter goes the opposite direction.
From: PeteRudge1 Sent: 22/02/2006 18:15

 It doesn't make much difference whether you are + or - earth, but you can't change over from one to the other without re polerising your dynamo. I think earlier models were - up until about '49, then they went +. Nowadays everything is back to - because you get less corrosion on the terminals.
 You also need to be careful that your coil is wired right, so the spark jumps from the center of the sparkplug to the outside, not the other way round.
 Maybe there is an expert on here who could put me right, if I'm wrong, and throw more light on the subject.
From: TimOK_C12 Sent: 23/02/2006 16:28
I was told that the point will burn out if you switch from + earth to - earth and do not do the whole system (correctly)..

rumor ? I don't know but I run + earth on my bikes....

From: tiggerishot4va5 Sent: 23/02/2006 20:24

the only way your points will burn out is if your condenser is faulty you will know this if your points start to go blue coil settings ws egnition feed and cb contact breakers this is marked on top of the coil
i'm sure of this because i have been an auto electrician for 40 years
many thanks mick
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