BSA C10 C11 C12 Vinyl Sticker


Vinyl Sticker. 40mm (1 5/8″) or 75mm (3″) Diameter. Matt or Gloss finish
Ideal for fixing to top of rear number plate, crash helmet,Tax disc holder, car window etc. Weather proof
See instructions below.

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Manufacturers Vinyl Sticker Fixing Instructions.
1. Ensure the surface is free from dust and grease. You will need a store or credit card to use as an application tool.
2. Peel your sticker off of the backing paper. Be mindful of the edges of the sticker as you peel it off.
3. Grab the sticker at the edges and pull it taut gently as you position it on your surface. Stick it down when you have it positioned correctly.
4.Start from the middle and press down with your card at a 45 degree angle to the surface. Sweep the card back and forth across the sticker, moving away from the middle and pushing any bubbles out of the material.
5. Once your sticker is stuck to the surface, use your fingers to press down on the edges of the sticker to make sure they are sealed tight.

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